• 16.3112 Rear Control Arm Bushings

Rear Control Arm Bushings

Part Number: 16.3112
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Rating 8


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Polyurethane Rear Control Arm Bushings
On the rear of vehicles, they make a dramatic improvement in the way they handle with quicker steering response and greater vehicle control.

Prelude | Rear Control Arm Bushing Replacement Kit

Polyurethane Rear Control Arm Bushings
  • Maintains proper alignment under extreme conditions on and off road and during competition.
  • Improves vehicle handling, cornering and overall control
  • Full floating, for smoother operation.
  • Made of Energy's HYPERFLEX performance polyurethane to add performance and durability
  • One Set Will Cover the Left and Right Side
Energy Suspension Rear Control Arm Bushings are a must for controlling wheel hop and increasing cornering control for competition uses as well as maintaining alignment on and off-road.

  • Maintains proper alignment under extreme conditions on and off -road and during competition.
  • Improves vehicle handling, cornering and overall control.
  • Full floating, for smoother operation.
  • Made of Energy Suspensions HYPER-FLEX performance polyurethane to add performance and durability.
Rear Control Arm Bushings

  • 4 - 2355 Lower Control Arm Bushing Halves
  • 2 - Center Metal Sleeves for 2355 
  • 8 - 2280 Upper Control Arm Bushing Halves
  • 4 - Center Metal Sleeves for 2280
  • 1 - Small Formula 5 Prelube Tub
  • 1 - Installation Instructions # 17265

 energy logoEnergy Suspension warrants its products against defects in workmanship and material for 24 months when used on passenger cars and light trucks. Products that have been abused, altered, or incorrectly installed are not covered. Energy Suspension will replace defective products or component parts, if inspection for factory personnel determines the part to be defective. Warranty replacement covers only the product. Labor claims, time loss, or freight charges will not be honored.


Rear Shock Mount Bushings


This set compliments the 16.3112 Rear Control Arm Bushings. In order to cover all the bushings in the control arms you'll need this set as well. The shock mount bushings cover the bushings at the top and bottom of the shock / spring assembly. In this case - that includes the bushings in the center of the lower control arms.

Alternate Part Numbers for 16.3112
  • ENE-16.3112G
  • ENE-16.3112R
  • ENS-16-3112G
  • ENS-16-3112R
  • 163112G
  • 163112R

Energy Suspension 16.3112

Product Reviews for Rear Control Arm Bushings 16.3112

Energy Suspension 16.3112

5 out of 5 based on 8 user reviews. Write a Review

Very pleased with product.
5 out of 5 - Parts worked perfect
Michael Follmer - . Energy Suspension 16.3112
Fits perfect and works perfect. I bought it because I had to piece together a "master bushing kit" for my 98 Base Prelude. The car feels much stiffer and more precise now. I have only had the car running for 2 days now, but it makes the car feel much more fun. 5/5! The hardest part is removing the old bushings. You have to drill and press them out then cut the outer races and then press in the new ones. This needs to come with more grease for everything though. It gets used fast.
5 out of 5 - Fits Great, Works Great
Tyler Barton - . Energy Suspension 16.3112
These bushings make my 1992 honda prelude feel like a new car. It is incredible the way it handles now,no more flopping around from suspension. It just keeps me glued solid to the road. I highly recommend this upgrade for any car.
5 out of 5 - greatly satisfied!
juan medina - . Energy Suspension 16.3112
Fit and finish and install was like butter.. cheaper and better than stock stuff.. highly recommend.
5 out of 5 - perfection..
Nate Koval - . Energy Suspension 16.3112
Easy to install. Getting the control arm out was the hardest part. The ball joint is a bit of a pain and the bolt for the control arm may need to be cut. Once out these bushings are easy to install. Press out the inner sleeve and rubber bushing then cut out the outer sleeve with a hacksaw. Piece if cake
5 out of 5 - great
Julian Penton - . Energy Suspension 16.3112
These parts look and function great for the price, they can't be beat!!!!
5 out of 5 - Great parts
christopher bettin - . Energy Suspension 16.3112
Perfect fit, perfect item. Makes a huge difference.
5 out of 5 - Fantastic
nathan cullabine - . Energy Suspension 16.3112
Easy to fit and an affordable way to increase road handling and stability
5 out of 5 - Very Good
mohammed - . Energy Suspension 16.3112