• 4.1136 Transmission Mount
  • 4.1136 Transmission Mount
  • 4.1136 Transmission Mount
  • 4.1136 Transmission Mount

Transmission Mount

Part Number: 4.1136
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
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Transmission Mount - Ford Gran Torino - 4.1136

Alternate Part Numbers for 4.1136
  • ENE-4.1136G
  • ENE-4.1136R
  • ENS-4-1136G
  • ENS-4-1136R
  • 41136G
  • 41136R

Energy Suspension 4.1136

Product Reviews for Transmission Mount 4.1136

Energy Suspension 4.1136

5 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews. Write a Review

The mount will bolt to my ford toploader transmission with no modification. The crossmember mount bolt holes required to be made wider by 1/16, and I used a hand file on the extreme outer edge of each hole. I was able to do this because the original bolt holes are 1/2 and the mount holes are 7/16 which already have clearance. I have fitted the spacer plate. Also removed the urethane that protrudes from the top side of the mount, so when it is tightened to the trans it does not push out the lower section of mount that is in contact with the crossmember. This mount is easier to fit as it does not have any studs from the crossmember side .
5 out of 5 - great.looks good.
vince maroevic - . Energy Suspension 4.1136