• 7.1114 Motor Mount Replacements (2 Torque Mount Positions Only)
  • 7.1114 Motor Mount Replacements (2 Torque Mount Positions Only)
  • 7.1114 Motor Mount Replacements (2 Torque Mount Positions Only)
  • 7.1114 Motor Mount Replacements (2 Torque Mount Positions Only)

Motor Mount Replacements (2 Torque Mount Positions Only)

Part Number: 7.1114
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Rating 11


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Polyurethane Motor Mount
A true performance application component for cars, trucks, hot rods and racing/competition vehicles, yet designed to be also used for street vehicles!

Nissan Maxima 1995-2003 Poly Motor Mount Replacements

2002-2003 Fits the 3.5 Models Manual transmission Only
1995-2001 Fits the 3.0 Models Manual transmission Only
Automatic Transmission Models use an Electric Mount. These will replace those but these are not electric.
Polyurethane Motor Mount
  • A true performance application component for cars, trucks, hot rods and racing and competition vehicles yet designed to be also used for street vehicles!
  • Assemble to the chassis the same way as OEM parts.
  • Soft enough to absorb vibrations for street use yet rugged for racing use.
  • When required a torque resistant "safety interlock" design is used that is comparable in strength to those too hard running metal mounts!
  • Replaces the original, short lived and typically too soft rubber mounts and outdates those hard running metal motor mounts.
  • Made of HYPERFLEX performance polyurethane.
  • Resistant to under vehicle fluids such as: oils, coolants, road contaminants, etc.
  • Must Reuse All Metal Parts
Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts both restore worn mounts and reduce unwanted motor movement. Under high performance conditions, Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts reduce wheel hop and torque induced movement that can actually damage vehicle components. These polyurethane inserts are thoroughly tested to add support and stability to the OE motor mount design.

  • Helps reduce wheel hop and traction loss.
  • Prevents damage to other vehicle components.
  • Improves and even restores broken motor mounts.
  • Made of HYPER-FLEX performance polyurethane.
  • Resistant to under vehicle fluids: oils, coolants, road contaminants.
Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

 energy logoEnergy Suspension warrants its products against defects in workmanship and material for 24 months when used on passenger cars and light trucks. Products that have been abused, altered, or incorrectly installed are not covered. Energy Suspension will replace defective products or component parts, if inspection for factory personnel determines the part to be defective. Warranty replacement covers only the product. Labor claims, time loss, or freight charges will not be honored.
Alternate Part Numbers for 7.1114
  • ENE-7.1114G
  • ENE-7.1114R
  • ENS-7-1114G
  • ENS-7-1114R
  • 71114G
  • 71114R

Energy Suspension 7.1114

Product Reviews for Motor Mount Inserts 7.1114

Energy Suspension 7.1114

5 out of 5 based on 11 user reviews. Write a Review

Works perfectly. You guys are the best, thank you.
5 out of 5
Godwin Emmanuel Patterson - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
If you have an automatic this is the switch you need to make. Dont let anyone say that it cant be done or is bad for the car or you will get an CEL code. Found out about ES bushing on the "org" and I am extremely happy with this new set up and will be using ES parts on my Z32 also. I am so glad I made this investment. I bought two new manny mounts just to do this swap. Going to be doing control arms next. Dont wait. 2013.
5 out of 5 - Do this now. Get rid of those electric mounts
Keith - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
Torque mounts are awesome.. Doesn't rock when shifting and chirps in 3rd but to much shakiness and vibration inside cabin... Especially the steering wheel and brake pedal... But can not complain.. I am a satisfied costumer who would recommend these parts for there car...
5 out of 5 - satisfied
Jesus M Ayende jr. - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
This is an amazing replacement and upgrade from OEM Maxima mounts. I am also going to clear something up. these mounts WILL FIT AN AUTOMATIC. However, if your maxima is a GLE or an SE automatic, it will have an electronic engine mount with a 4 inch diameter. go to a junkyard and look for a GXE Maxima with an automatic transmission. Their front mount is not electronically controlled, and has a 3.5 inch diameter that works 100% Perfectly with the car. Would i order again from this site? I already have, and will continue to do so. When your engine mounts start to go bad, GO WITH THESE!
Thomas Coffia - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
These things are great and a must, a little more vibration in the cabin but not bad. No more Jerking from the Engine with the worn mounts. Car shifts and pulls a lot smoother now.
5 out of 5 - Love Em
Rodrickus Johnson - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
Stock mounts brake. More Vibration felt at idle, not bad, goes away as above 1,100 rpm
5 out of 5 - best mod Stock mounts brake
David Wood - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
Had the old rubber pressed out of my motor mounts for these polyurethane inserts and my wheel hop has decreased big time. I don't hear a thump or anything of that sort. When I shift hard you feel the motor staying in place
5 out of 5 - best investment ever
Jose Vargas - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
Great product visually reduces engine movement works just like it says it does - 2002 Nissan maxima 3.5 6-speed
5 out of 5
Boadu Adomako - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
Ive done a lot of customizing to my 2001 Nissan Maxima 20th Anniversary in the last 8 months. When I was told I needed engine mounts to accommodate the power added with an intercooler, and the best way to go was with urethane. I immediately placed an order to get these mounts, and I'm glad I did! The firm and taunt feeling gives a feeling of security, and while idle vibration takes a little getting used to, it definitely is not overbearing. Glad I went with them!
5 out of 5 - These units give a very secure feeling.
Kevin J Winslow - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
These engine mounts were awesome and worth every penny. They do add a slight vibration to the cabin but it is mostly only felt when starting the car and slightly at idle. Make sure you have a 3 1/5 in outer diameter sleeve and 3 1/2 inch dinner diameter sleeve for your press (makes the job a lot easier). For pictures of my install check out http://forums.maxima.org/5th-generation-maxima-2000-2003/615034-new-energy-suspension-engine-mounts.html
5 out of 5 - Very good
Patrick Bostwick - . Energy Suspension 7.1114
These mounts are for manual tranny only I HAVE AN AUTO tranny so I'll update after I get 90mm engine mounts for installation<br />
5 out of 5
Robert Pelletier - . Energy Suspension 7.1114