• 9.5125 Universal Sway Bar Bushings - 21mm (0.82 inch)
  • 9.5125 Universal Sway Bar Bushings - 21mm (0.82 inch)
  • 9.5125 Universal Sway Bar Bushings - 21mm (0.82 inch)

Universal Sway Bar Bushings - 21mm (0.82 inch)

Part Number: 9.5125
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Rating 13


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Universal Sway Bar Bushings
Improved handling, low cost, and easy installation are just some of the reasons these components are so popular!

Dimensions 'A' = 21mm
(see picture below)

Universal Sway Bar Bushings
  • Your vehicle's sway bar system will work at its maximum efficiency!
  • Replaces that original, short lived and too-soft rubber.
  • Easy to install with basic tools.
  • Made of rugged Energy's HYPERFLEX performance polyurethane material and the hardware is heavy duty for lasting durability.


  • 2 - Sway Bar Bushings (one for each side of the vehicle)
  • 2 - Outer Brackets (one for each side of the vehicle)
  • 1 - 6 gram Grease Packet

Alternate Part Numbers for 9.5125
  • ENE-9.5125G
  • ENE-9.5125R
  • ENS-9-5125G
  • ENS-9-5125R
  • 95125G
  • 95125R

Energy Suspension 9.5125

Product Reviews for 9.5125

Energy Suspension 9.5125

5 out of 5 based on 13 user reviews. Write a Review

Good product fast shipping and good price.
5 out of 5
Vincent Poliquin - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
These was for the rear and they came with grease thank goodness because the fronts did not! Made a huge difference, Im glad I did this!
5 out of 5 - Fantastic
Ludwig Abruzzo - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
These parts are high quality parts and I expect a good life from the bushings. It is important to note that the price of these is excellent when you take into consideration the quality and fitment of the parts. Highly recommended.
5 out of 5 - The parts matched my instl exactly as advertised.
Mr Alexis Padilla - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
So far so good. However, they do squeak on occasion. This typically happens on road undulations when the mass of the car is moving up and down, not rolling side to side. And I did see my mechanic applying the grease, so it is either insufficient or has worn out. This is not a big concern. Editors Note: It is very important to use the correct amount and grease type. Energy recommends Formula 5 grease.
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Frank Freda Jr - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
I had a set of these previously that wore out after a few years with heavy track use. replaced them and the suspension is firmed up again with no clunking.
5 out of 5 - Fixed clunking
Franz Stadtmueller - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
I had to modify the brackets to fit my application. I knew this going into the project. Noticeable stiffness over stock rubber. My car: 87 Alfa Romeo Milano.
5 out of 5 - high quality urethane, very sturdy mounts
Richard Cysewski Jr - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
The parts are high quality and exactly as shown. Typical of Energy Suspension.
5 out of 5 - Very good.
eric gold - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
This product is a great option to renewing the front sway bar on my 1995 Volvo 850. There are some issues that require some effort to make it work. The OEM Volvo bar has vulcanized rubber mounting bushings. These are not intended to accept replacements and the factory solution to worn bushings is to replace the entire bar. This seems a wasteful "design flaw". Removal of the original bushing/mount requires so considerable effort. Can be done but definitely not a direct swap fitment. Also a method must be applied to secure the potential lateral movement of the bar over time. In this case more material at the bottom of the bushing mounting surface would be helpful. Tis would provide more space to install a fixture to secure the bars possible lateral play. Us of this product on my application was challenged by the Volvo engineering solutions not the product. The product is great, getting it to apply to the 850 not a simple "bolt up and go".
5 out of 5 - Great product!
R Scott Peper - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
I have used these Polyurethane universal bushings before on my 2005 Subaru Legacy GT for my rear Cusco sway bar setup and they perform really well. I have found that these bushings will compress slightly over time and the base of the bushing is a little thin. As a result the sway bar will start to make contact with the edge of the base where it is mounted over time. This is the reason I have had to replace them now as these will be my second set. I would recommend to the manufacturer to add just a little more material to the base of these bushings perhaps no more then a 1/16". Having said that these are a great product and are far better then their rubber bushing counterparts.
5 out of 5 - Excellent value and a great product
Bill Glauner - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
Everything fits perfectly except when I was trying to use the old bolts to bolt them up. The bolts wouldn't fit the bracket hole so I had to do a little grinding just to make it a little bigger. Overall everything was great. Shipping and specs of the parts.
4 out of 5
kit Yang - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
High Quality product, fit perfectly, exceptional customer service!!!
5 out of 5 - Excellent product
Jeffrey Gibbs - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
Very good Parts! Fitted on my 850 Front. I'm 100% Happy with it.
5 out of 5
Merzkirch Thomas - . Energy Suspension 9.5125
So yesterday afternoon I had worked on THE NEXT parts for a while but I could not access the bridge sufficient time to perform the operation (Im not good at mechanical so I put a lot of time) So change Silent block stabilizer bar on the T5 (normally have changed the bar not only silent but its silly blocks like that) After disassembly and reassembly of the bar with rubber shock nine true happiness. A bit annoying to do but not very difficult Some complications but it works so good Main
5 out of 5
Robine christophe - . Energy Suspension 9.5125