• 9.5155 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 17.5mm (0.68 inch)
  • 9.5155 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 17.5mm (0.68 inch)
  • 9.5155 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 17.5mm (0.68 inch)
  • 9.5155 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 17.5mm (0.68 inch)

Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 17.5mm (0.68 inch)

Part Number: 9.5155
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Rating 7


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Universal Sway Bar Bushings
Improved handling, low cost, and easy installation are just some of the reasons these components are so popular!

Dimensions 'A' = 11/16 in / 17.5mm
(see picture below)

Universal Sway Bar Bushings
  • Your vehicle's sway bar system will work at its maximum efficiency!
  • Replaces that original, short lived and too-soft rubber.
  • Easy to install with basic tools.
  • Made of rugged Energy's HYPERFLEX performance polyurethane material and the hardware is heavy duty for lasting durability.


  • 2 - Sway Bar Bushings - Greaseable - (one for each side of the vehicle)
  • 2 - Outer Brackets with Zerk Fitting for Greasing -  (one for each side of the vehicle)

Alternate Part Numbers for 9.5155
  • ENE-9.5155G
  • ENE-9.5155R
  • ENS-9-5155G
  • ENS-9-5155R
  • 95155G
  • 95155R

Energy Suspension 9.5155

Product Reviews for 9.5155

Energy Suspension 9.5155

5 out of 5 based on 7 user reviews. Write a Review

My install required spacers (early nova). This is the case with any makers part.
5 out of 5 - well made and greaseable
Dan Cordy - . Energy Suspension 9.5155
Love the way my 86 camaro handles !!!
5 out of 5 - like !!!!!!!!
Juan Flores - . Energy Suspension 9.5155
Fit perfectly and improved handling.
5 out of 5 - Great product!
karl amick - . Energy Suspension 9.5155
Needed bushings for a small diameter bar on a 1956 Pontiac and they have all the odd sizes available. I have never greased a sway bushing before as they were always rubber and we will see how this holds up, I used Mobil 1 grease. No squeaks and it eliminated the clunk I was getting from the worn out old ones.
5 out of 5 - great
lawrence shutts - . Energy Suspension 9.5155
These replaced the rear bushings on a 2002 Jaguar X Type. Went with a smaller size to accommodate for wear on the sway bar. If you have never done any wrenching on a car, this is the first mod for you. Couldn't be easier. Make sure you follow the directions and pre-grease the inside of the bushing. Great price - great quality. Why would you spend more for OEM rubber bushings?
5 out of 5 - Worked like a charm!
M.Bonjour - . Energy Suspension 9.5155
Good parts at good prices.
5 out of 5 - Good value.
James Weller - . Energy Suspension 9.5155
Replaced worn out factory rubber parts with these. Tightened the front end up and reduced the amount of body roll when cornering at normal and higher speeds. These were installed on a 66 Mustang coupe.
5 out of 5 - Great product
Michael DeLorey - . Energy Suspension 9.5155