• 9.5175 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 36.5mm (1.43 inch)
  • 9.5175 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 36.5mm (1.43 inch)
  • 9.5175 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 36.5mm (1.43 inch)
  • 9.5175 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 36.5mm (1.43 inch)
  • 9.5175 Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 36.5mm (1.43 inch)

Universal - Greaseable Sway Bar Bushings - 36.5mm (1.43 inch)

Part Number: 9.5175
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Rating 12


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Universal Sway Bar Bushings
Improved handling, low cost, and easy installation are just some of the reasons these components are so popular!

Dimensions 'A' = 1-7/16 Inch (36.5mm)
(see picture below)

Universal Sway Bar Bushings
  • Your vehicle's sway bar system will work at its maximum efficiency!
  • Replaces that original, short lived and too-soft rubber.
  • Easy to install with basic tools.
  • Made of rugged Energy's HYPERFLEX performance polyurethane material and the hardware is heavy duty for lasting durability.

Alternate Part Numbers for 9.5175
  • ENE-9.5175G
  • ENE-9.5175R
  • ENS-9-5175G
  • ENS-9-5175R
  • 95175G
  • 95175R

Energy Suspension 9.5175

Product Reviews for 9.5175

Energy Suspension 9.5175

5 out of 5 based on 12 user reviews. Write a Review

Parts are well made and fit snug. Were very easy to install
5 out of 5 - Well made
Gene Sanders - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
You can feel the difference in the sway bar as the vehicle turns, its nice and firm now.
5 out of 5 - Awesome!!!
Angel Flores - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
I installed these sway bar bushings and the 9.8124 end links. There was a noticeable difference in handling on my 2010 Silverado. The stock bushing were just worn out. Thanks.
5 out of 5 - Great replacement part
Todd Buckley - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
Ordering process was easy. Good communication throughout. Received the right part at the right price. Just what I needed to bolt my Junkyard find Hotchkis swaybars onto my tow vehicle. Handling is VERY MUCH improved.
5 out of 5 - Great service/prices
Michael Boling - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
Fit and installed like factory original. Combined with replacement end link bushings, my EXT takes the turns flat. Exit ramps are fun again.
5 out of 5 - Tamed a 7,000 pound Cadillac EXT
Mark Feldman - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
I ordered the parts, got an e-mail saying you only had the red ones, I replied red was fine and the parts arrived the next day. Took off the old bushings, installed new ones without any difficulty. Again the service was fantastic, replies to e-mail was excellent. Thanks for a great product and great service.
5 out of 5 - Fantastic
Lewis J Thomas - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
Shipping was fast. Part has performed well. Easy to install. Very happy.
5 out of 5 - Great
Rick Schneider - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
This part was as described, it is built to be tough and is greaseable. much less flex than the old rubber ones.
5 out of 5 - good product
Maureen Murdoch - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
I ordered these for the front and rear sway bars of a 1994 Foretravel U240. The bars are 1.5 inch. These were the closest to that size I could find, and after installation I would consider them an exact fit. The front grease fittings are blocked by other stuff, but the black inserts are apparently self-lubricating, so no problem. Starter silicone grease is included in the package. The metal bracket is not as stout-looking as the original, so I threw the old ones in my parts box just in case. (These went on a 36-foot motorhome). No complaint about the quality. These were in my mailbox less than 36 hours after ordering. How do you do that? If you need parts for a vacation breakdown and can't find them where you are, order from these people and have them sent them to the shop or general delivery.
5 out of 5
Matthew L Bruner - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
They work great, they are quiet and they don't squeak! The regular ones squeak, they sound like an (old creaking bed). I like these.
5 out of 5 - They work great.
Gary Rochette - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
Quality products, however for the Trailblazer I would rotate the grease fitting to 2 or 3 o'clock versus the current 12 o'clock. The grease fittings are not serviceable at the current 12 o'clock configuration. The grease fitting required removal on the passenger side to install the bushings. Re-installation was very tight, the plastic seal cap could not be installed. The fit was too tight.
3 out of 5 - Could esily be excellent with grease fitting relocation
Cavin Clayton - . Energy Suspension 9.5175
You guys are the best!!! 2003 sway bar bushing is perfect. You are the only place I found online that had my size. Thanks so much .. And by the way, a novice can install these !!!
5 out of 5 - Excellant
keith kajioka - . Energy Suspension 9.5175