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Energy Suspension LogoHyperflex Master Kit - FR-S and BRZ 2013-2015
Part Number: 8.18115
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension

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Price: $285.50
Rear Vehicle Essentials Kit Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S
Part Number: wek002
Manufacturer: Whiteline

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Free Whiteline Lanyard
Free Whiteline License Plate Frame
Price: $242.82
Positive Shift Kit
Part Number: KDT926
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $31.32
Anti Dive Caster Kit
Part Number: KCA434
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $134.82
Rear Toe Arm Bushings - Inner Position
Part Number: SPF3099K
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • Outer bushing is ball joint style
  • Toe Control Arm - Inner Bushing
Price: $68.31
Differential Cradle Mounts
Part Number: KDT924
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $116.82
Steering Rack Bushings
Part Number: KSR210
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $40.32
Front Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit - 16mm
Part Number: KCA416
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Adds +/- 1.5deg camber
Price: $35.82
Rear Camber Correction Kit
Part Number: KCA326
Manufacturer: Whiteline
On-car adjustable allows +/-0.75 degrees. Rear Upper Control Arm - Inner Positionl
Price: $152.82
Rear Lower Control Arms - Adjustable
Part Number: kta216
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Adjustable to provide +2.5 to - 2.5 Degreee Camber
Price: $251.82
Front Strut Tower Bar
Part Number: KSB652
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $179.82
Part Number: BSF45
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $197.82
Rear Sway Bar Brace
Part Number: KBR38
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $62.82
Rear Crossmember Bushings
Part Number: KDT921
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Covers the front mounts of the rear differential.
Price: $116.82

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