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Front Vehicle Essentials Kit Subaru Impreza WRX
Part Number: wek079
Manufacturer: Whiteline

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Free Whiteline Lanyard
Free Whiteline License Plate Frame
Price: $224.82
Rear Lateral Link
Part Number: MOOG-K100136
Manufacturer: MOOG

Price: $151.29
Front Strut Bump Stop and Bellow
Part Number: MOOG-K90462
Manufacturer: MOOG
Covers Left or Right Side. Includes Bump Stop
Price: $20.22
Rear Sway Bar Bushing - Greaseless - 22MM (0.86 inch)
Part Number: W0406-22G
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Will not fit vehicles that have the heavy duty rear bar support mount. Only Fits 22mm Bar
Price: $17.82
Front Outer Tie Rod End
Part Number: MOOG-ES3712
Manufacturer: MOOG

Price: $37.87
Front Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit
Part Number: SPF4351-14K
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • Adds +/ - 1.5 Degrees camber
  • Camber Bolt Kit 14mm
  • Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit
Price: $52.64
Rear Camber Alignment Kit
Part Number: MOOG-K5330-Rear
Manufacturer: MOOG
Problem Solver MAgna cam / bolt kit. Allows (neg) 1-1/4 to (pos) 1-1/4 degree camber adjustment. Two Kits Required Per Vehicle
Price: $18.15
Rear Axis Camber Alignment Kit
Part Number: MOOG-K90474-Rear
Manufacturer: MOOG
Adjustable range from -1 3/4 to +1 3/4 degrees, 14mm bolts
Price: $16.49
Rack and Pinion Bellow
Part Number: moog-k150281
Manufacturer: MOOG

Price: $14.14
Rear Lower Control Arms - Adjustable
Part Number: kta216
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Adjustable to provide +2.5 to - 2.5 Degreee Camber
Price: $251.82
Front Sway Bar - 22mm - 2 Point Adjustable
Part Number: BSF35Z
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Heavy duty, non adjustable, Non turbo, excludes all models with electronic power steering.
Price: $215.82
Rear Sway Bar - 24mm - 3 Point Adjustable
Part Number: BSR49XXZ
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Includes KBR15 sway bar mount support brace - 3 point adjustable.

Price: $269.82
Rear Sway Bar - 22mm - 3 Point Adjustable
Part Number: BSR49XZ
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Includes KBR15 sway bar mount support brace - 3 point adjustable
Price: $233.82
Part Number: KCA409
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Extra +0.75 deg caster and -0.5 deg camber for potential +5.0 deg total caster and -3.5 deg camber depending on vehicle.
Price: $179.82

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