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Front Gear Linkage Bushing - 5 Speed - 44mm OD
Part Number: SPF2704K
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • 5 Speed - Replaces original bushing 35035AC030, 44mm outside diameter bushing
Price: $24.99
Front Control Arm Lower Rear - Bracket Mount and Bushing - Anti Lift and Caster Increase
Part Number: ALOY1388-90AK
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • Motorsport Only. Special Harder Duro. Anti Lift and Caster increase.
  • Control Lower Arm Rear Mount
  • Control Arm Lower Rear - Bracket Mount and Bushing - Anti Lift and Caster Increase
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Price: $244.99
Rear Control Upper Arm Bushings - Outer
Part Number: SPF3389K
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • Control Arm Upper - Outer Bushing
Price: $56.01
Rear Toe Control Arm Bushings - Outer
Part Number: SPF3392K
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • Toe Control Arm - Outer Bushing
Price: $51.65
Rear Differential Bushings
Part Number: KDT906
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $53.82
Front Sway Bar Bushings - 24mm (0.94 inch) - Liquidation!
Part Number: W0405-24
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Liquidation Price! Get it while it lasts. This is a brand new part, we are simply clearing out inventory. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Only Fits 24mm Bar
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Price: $10.36
Rear Sway Bar Bushing - 17mm (0.67 inch)
Part Number: SPF2791-17K
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • Measure bar diameter 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.4 and 29mm available
  • Sway Bar Mount Bushing
Price: $22.53
Front Sway Bar Endlinks Kit
Part Number: TRC2924
Manufacturer: SuperPro
Does not fit STi models. Aluminum links with SuperPro bushings.
Price: $145.99
Front Sway Bar Endlinks Kit - Heavy Duty
Part Number: TRC2925
Manufacturer: SuperPro
Heavy Duty Aluminum Links with SuperPro bushings.
Price: $149.99
Steering Rack Bushings
Part Number: SPF2580K
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • Steering Rack and Pinion Mount Bushing
Price: $24.99
Servicing Kit for KCA313
Part Number: W0907
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Replacement bushings and tubes for KCA313 only.
Price: $26.82
Front Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit
Part Number: SPF4351-14K
Manufacturer: SuperPro
  • Adds +/ - 1.5 Degrees camber
  • Camber Bolt Kit 14mm
  • Camber Adjusting Bolt Kit
Price: $52.64
Rear Camber Correction Bushings
Part Number: KCA399
Manufacturer: Whiteline
On-car adjustable allows +/-1.25 Degrees. Rear Upper Control Arm - Outer Position
Price: $53.82
Rear Lower Control Arms
Part Number: KTA124
Manufacturer: Whiteline

Price: $431.82
Front Strut Tower Brace
Part Number: KSB550
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Rear mount
Price: $134.82
Front Sway Bar - 20mm
Part Number: BSF14
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Heavy duty. Non-turbo. Non-adjustable
Price: $197.82
Front Sway Bar - 22mm
Part Number: BSF15
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Heavy duty. Turbo. Non-adjustable.
Price: $197.82
Rear Sway Bar - 20mm - 2 Point Adjustable
Part Number: BSR12XZ
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Extra heavy duty. 2 point adjustable
Price: $206.82
Front Anti-Lift Kit
Part Number: KCA319A
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Front Lower Control Arm - Inner Rear Position
Price: $215.82
Front Anti-Lift Kit - Motorsport Only
Part Number: KCA319M
Manufacturer: Whiteline
Front Lower Control Arm - Inner Rear Position. Motorsport Models Only.
Price: $215.82

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