• 15.1105 Motor Torque Mount Inserts - Volkswagen
  • 15.1105 Motor Torque Mount Inserts - Volkswagen
  • 15.1105 Motor Torque Mount Inserts - Volkswagen
  • 15.1105 Motor Torque Mount Inserts - Volkswagen

Motor Torque Mount Inserts - Volkswagen

Part Number: 15.1105
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension


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Performance Polyurethane Motor Mount Inserts
Under High Performance Conditions, they Reduce Wheel Hop and Torque Induced Movement that can actually damage vehicle components.

Motor Mount Bushings | 99-05 Volkswagen Jetta | Energy

Performance Polyurethane Motor Mount Inserts
  • Performance Polyurethane Motor Inserts
  • Available for many popular sporty and performance front wheel drive vehicles.
  • A real must to use for sport compact competition and performance uses.
  • Reduces wheel hop and traction loss.
  • Prevents damage to other vehicle components.
  • Improves and even restores broken motor mounts.
  • Made of Energy's HYPER FLEX performance polyurethane.
  • Will not Fit Deisel Engine Models
  • Manual Transmission Models Only
Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts both restore worn mounts and reduce unwanted motor movement. Under high performance conditions, Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts reduce wheel hop and torque induced movement that can actually damage vehicle components. These polyurethane inserts are thoroughly tested to add support and stability to the OE motor mount design.

  • Helps reduce wheel hop and traction loss.
  • Prevents damage to other vehicle components.
  • Improves and even restores broken motor mounts.
  • Made of HYPER-FLEX performance polyurethane.
  • Resistant to under vehicle fluids: oils, coolants, road contaminants.
energy suspension motor mount inserts

Energy Suspension 15.1105

Product Reviews for Motor Mount Inserts 15.1105

Energy Suspension 15.1105

5 out of 5 based on 29 user reviews. Write a Review

I use their parts on my mk4 gti actively.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
ALPER kirman - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
I installed these on my 2000 VW Beetle that has been lifted and is running 215/70-15 tires. The car had 160000 miles (now 187000) and as with most high mileage vehicles the underside of the engine and trans stay a little wet with oil. These mounts are directly underneath the engine and trans. The stock units swollen and doing a poor job of maintaining torque loads. The larger tires increase the daily torque loads and split the swollen OE mounts. The install was easy and straight forward. there was a noticeable improvement in feel and stability. After 27000 miles in the lifted configuration the parts are performing great.\nEditors Notes: Poly urethane is more resistant to oil than rubber but over time the oil cause the poly bushing to fail.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Trey McFarland - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Parts are great worked just like I was hoping it would.
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Joana E Gutiérrez - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Just did a two year inspection on my motor mounts and transmission mounts replaced all at the same time. The driver the passenger and the torque mount to the transmission all look good still, Im very impressed.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Adam J. Reddell - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
I am just as impressed as i was the first day of the install. There appears to be no noticeable wear and no damage to my car due to this product. Could not be any happier with my purchase
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Arthur Davis - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
The mounts were good and stiff for the first 2months but after that they got softer and wheel hop started back up again and they feel like stock now and not an upgrade
3 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Justin Lacross - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
The parts do what they say. They fit perfectly and stiffened up the sway in the motor. Energy suspension makes a great product, I have some of their other bushings in my car as well. overall very satisfied with the parts and the seller.
5 out of 5
james meredith - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
So these really improve the torque conversion to the ground, I wasn't to happy about the lack of description on the site and there were no instructions or suggestions for installation in the package. If this is for a daily driver I would not install the round bushing as it makes you feel everything your engine does. otherwise very happy with the product and the shipping time.
5 out of 5 - WOW
Frank Marshall - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
The install is pretty straight forward and can be done with simple hand tools and a little bit of muscle.
5 out of 5 - great quality product
karl jarrett - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Crisp shifts and reduced wheel hop under load. A cost effective upgrade that you can really feel.
5 out of 5 - Great fitment and quality
Dominic Walsh - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Tough product but hard to fit.
3 out of 5 - Tough, a little hard to fit
Derek Recsei - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
This kit was priced lowered compered to the others and was very easy to install and did what it was made to do! Great price,great product
5 out of 5 - loved it!
Cecilio Rocha - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Much stiffer over stock rubber mounts. More vibration coming off a stop when you feather the clutch, but well worth it for not braking downpipes...
5 out of 5 - Excellent
Jason Barton - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Total install took about 1/2 an hour and everything is a lot more crisp now. There is a little extra vibration, but it's really only present at idle.
5 out of 5 - Easy to install and tightened it up nicely.
Zach - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
I have used this product, powerflex, and a few other brands. For the price and the quality of the polyurethane bushing itself is above average compared to competition. Product fit as was advertised, took more than a few tries and 2 pairs of hands to get this on the mount itself. If paired up with the front control arm bushing set + coilovers, expect a tight right with much improved handling compared to GLX OEM suspension. Also expect elevated vibrations/idle rattle due to increased stiffness.
4 out of 5 - Good Product, A little Stubborn to Install
Denis Sanchez - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Great product. Install was a breeze. Definitely recommend this product for the price.
5 out of 5 - Good buy!
Brandon S Humble - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Love them! Such a cheap awesome upgrade.
5 out of 5 - Love them!
Freddie Zampieri - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Replaced the stock mount with the poly inserts, overall I like them even better than the 034 motor sports track mounts that cost 3 times as much.
4 out of 5 - worth every dime
James - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Just purchasing a second time. First set in the car for 100k. No reason to change other than doing a suspension refresh. Very happy with the improved feel and performance response due to this upgrade. Thanks, Jacob
5 out of 5 - Used these before - expect the same great feel!
Jacob Hirschey - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
It helps a lot. It also introduces very small vibration while taking off on 1st gear but other than that it's well worth it.
5 out of 5 - Very good quality product
Tony - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
These mounts were installed on a 2003 VW Jetta 1.8T. My Jetta is chipped with stage 2, turbo back exhaust, H&R coils and every other bolt on but a larger turbo. When I would go wide open throttle, the front end would jump around and the tires would just burn out... However once installing these ES bushings, the tires stay locked on the ground and give me more control over all. With the tires locked to the ground it has improved my 60 times at the track as well as helped prevent the movement of the tranny so the shifts are a whole lot more precise. Most definitely money well spent. Easy 20 min install and your ready to go! Thanks for yet anther great product!
4 out of 5 - Nice Upgrade From Stock
Andy Guillinta - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
I have been upgrading all my motor mount bushings. This one here on this website was by far the cheapest, half the price of other sites I shop at. There is a difference, the car does get a noticeable amount of cabin vibration, although sacrificing comfort for performance is fine with me. overall 5/5
5 out of 5 - great product
Manuel Ballon - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
<p>Quality product! Have been using them for years. Thanks <br /></p>
5 out of 5 - As Always a Pleasure To Work With
jeremiah brown - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
The whole process took me about two hours, because you have to drill out one of the bushings, but once that was done, the parts fit in perfectly. Super easy install if you have the tools. Also, their customer service is fantastic and their shipping is really really really fast, which is why I keep on ordering parts from them time and time again. Thanks a lot!
5 out of 5 - Perfect fit and great performance upgrade.
Eitan Feldman - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Only problem is getting pressed in bushing out of the wishbone. (vise and piece of wood).
5 out of 5 - Great
greggims - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
The part is a very nice quality and fit. Install is a little tough if you don't have a press. Definitely tightens up the drivetrain, especially manual trans cars. Not quite sure if I like the added vibration it gives the whole car. It gets a little annoying. Thinking about experimenting with both stock and these to find a tolerable vibe.
4 out of 5 - high quality part with a downside
JOSEPH CASTELLI - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
Parts were good quality and fairly cheap compared to other web site. Customer service was slow to respond but I was in a hurry to get the part.
5 out of 5 - Good part , slow custmer service
Mike VanVoorst - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
I bought 3 of these sets for myself and two co-workers that own VWs. This kit got my attention because it came with all three bushings instead of just the two (oval shaped) like most other kits. The price was also cheaper than the other companies. After installation, we all noticed better shifting and no more wheel hop. We are all extremely satisfied and I will purchase again from Energy Suspension.
5 out of 5 - Highly Reccomended Product
Joel Morgan - . Energy Suspension 15.1105
These were simple to install and eliminated the weak factory rubber parts that allowed for too much play in the driveline. All the power goes to the wheels now with these dogbone inserts installed.
5 out of 5 - Great
Frank Machado - . Energy Suspension 15.1105

Customer Questions and Answers

Will this Mount insert work for the 1.9 TDI Jetta?
Part number 15.1105 is shown to fit the 02 Jetta with a 1.9, 2.0 and 2.5 OE stock Motor mounts. The information on hand shows that each Motor uses the same mount on stock model Jettas.