• 2.6108 Rear Coil Spring Isolators
  • 2.6108 Rear Coil Spring Isolators
  • 2.6108 Rear Coil Spring Isolators
  • 2.6108 Rear Coil Spring Isolators

Rear Coil Spring Isolators

Part Number: 2.6108
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension


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Polyurethane Rear Coil Spring Isolators
They make a dramatic improvement in the way they handle with quicker steering response and greater vehicle control.

Rear Coil Spring Isolator Pads - Jeep Wrangler TJ

Polyurethane Rear Coil Spring Isolators
  • Lasts 3 to 10 times as long as OEM rubber parts!
  • Assemble to the chassis the same way as OEM parts.
  • They do not adversely change ride characteristics in any way.
  • Made of Energy's HYPER FLEX performance polyurethane to add performance and durability.
  • One Set Will Cover the Left and Right Side

Energy Suspension 2.6108

Product Reviews for Rear Coil Spring Isolator Pads 2.6108

Energy Suspension 2.6108

5 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews. Write a Review

its been 2 years since I did the installation along with a whole new suspension and they work great and are holding up well. I will say that the Jeep they were put on is just a play toy and doesnt see a lot of miles, but so far Im very happy with the product. Talk to me in another 5 years..
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Curtis A Browning - . Energy Suspension 2.6108
Nice product... Nice and thick 1/4"
5 out of 5 - Over priced!!
Terry Peed / terry3866.2008 - . Energy Suspension 2.6108
Installed on 1999 Sahara one year ago, straight forward installation and good quality product. \n Very happy with purchase.
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Jose Salinas - . Energy Suspension 2.6108
when combined with my lift kit, it produced a great stance
5 out of 5 - a great product
jerry belotti - . Energy Suspension 2.6108
OK fit
4 out of 5 - factory pads edges are more rounded and fit the pocket better than yours
Dewey Owen - . Energy Suspension 2.6108

Customer Questions and Answers

What is the Inside diameter of part number 2.6108?
Part number 2.6108 Has an inner diameter of 2.03 inches or 51.5 milliliters.

Does one set of part number 2.6108 fit the top and bottom of both the left and right side spring?
part number 2.6108 comes with 4 isolators in the kit so it will cover your left and right side, along with the top and bottom of the spring.