• 9.9145 Bump Stops
  • 9.9145 Bump Stops
  • 9.9145 Bump Stops
  • 9.9145 Bump Stops

Bump Stops

Part Number: 9.9145
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension


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Energy Suspension ® performance bump stops help cushion a collapsing suspension, preventing bottoming-out and expensive vehicle damage. HYPER-FLEX™ performance polyurethane bump stops for control arms, traction bars, leaf springs, etc. are guaranteed to last longer and operate more efficiently than original rubber stops.

The smaller, general purpose bullet shaped snubber is ideal for control arms. The low profile button head is for use when clearance is limited. Our large competition race style bump stops smooth out compression better and have a large reinforced metal plate welded to the mounting plate and molded-in. Each style is specially designed for a perfect and custom fit and each style has it's own durometer (hardness) characteristics. Energy's wide selection of bump stops are available in red or black color.

*They can also be used for hood stops, trunk stops or wherever metal to metal contact must be cushioned to control operation and prevent damage.

Right out of the box, Energy Suspension ® Bump Stops are used in otherwise rubber parts-destroying monster truck racing, where suspension forces are at their highest!

Alternate Part Numbers for 9.9145
  • ENE-9.9145G
  • ENE-9.9145R
  • ENS-9-9145G
  • ENS-9-9145R
  • 99145G
  • 99145R