Free Energy Suspension Bushing Prelube

energy suspension polyurethane bushing grease

Free Formula 5 Grease!

Purchase ANY Energy Suspension Hyperflex Master Kit and receive a free 3 pack of 0.5 Ounce Squeeze Tubes of Energy Suspension Formula 5 Grease.

Energy Suspension's Grease is a specially formulated silicone based polyurethane bushing lubricant with a PTFE additive designed to be used when installing polyurethane bushings. Using polyurethane bushing grease during install can be the difference when it comes to getting a squeak-free ride, and it allows your bushings to operate the way they were designed to. We think it's so important, we want to give you some for free with your Hyperflex Master Kit!

If you have a big project coming up or you're exchanging all of your OE rubber bushings with poly you can always tack on more Energy Suspension bushing grease to your order!