• 4.3121 Axle Pivot Bushings
  • 4.3121 Axle Pivot Bushings
  • 4.3121 Axle Pivot Bushings

Axle Pivot Bushings

Part Number: 4.3121
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Rating 25


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Polyurethane Axle Pivot Bushings
Keep your truck running straight!

I Beam Axle Pivot Bushings - Ford E150-E350 & F150-F350

Polyurethane Axle Pivot Bushings
Energy Suspension's Axle Pivot Bushings will restore alignment lost to worn bushings. The heavy I Beams in Ford trucks can quickly wear out rubber bushings. These new polyurethane bushings are tough enough for off road use yet compliant enough for everyday driving.
  • One Set Will Cover the Left and Right Side
  • Must Reuse Existing Outer Metal Shells

2 3132.1 Axle Pivot bushing (0.225” flg)
2 3132.2 Axle Pivot bushing (0.458” oal)
2 3132.3 Axle Pivot bushing (0.605” oal)
2 3168 Thrust washer (0.350” oal)
2 Sleeve (0.875”x0.563”x1.800”)
1 17051 Instruction sheet
2 9.11108 Grease

Alternate Part Numbers for 4.3121
  • ENE-4.3121G
  • ENE-4.3121R
  • ENS-4-3121G
  • ENS-4-3121R
  • 43121G
  • 43121R

Energy Suspension 4.3121

Product Reviews for Axle Pivot Bushings 4.3121

Energy Suspension 4.3121

5 out of 5 based on 25 user reviews. Write a Review

Hey, what can I say so far so good!!
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Clarence Bigham - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
I had no problems with these parts. Will be ordering the other parts I need from the same company. The bushings were very high quality.
5 out of 5 - Very pleased with the quality. The instructions were great.
Jerry Cline - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Much better quality than rubber bushings. Very happy with them so far.
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Dane masoner - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Using this bushing kit was way easier than trying to press out the old bushing and shell. Just punch out the old center sleeve, cut out the old rubber...use a torch to burn out whats left. clean the existing shell with emory cloth and install the new bushing. Took about 3 hours from start to finish on both sides.
5 out of 5 - easy to install, works great
Charles Gometz - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Part went on good,looks like made of good material,truck working great.
5 out of 5 - Part not manufactured by ford anymore
Quincy Cooper - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
I think a smaller o.d. would have been easier to install.
5 out of 5 - o.d. is slightly too large, had to make tool to press into shell.
Roger Affleck - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
I put these on my 1990 F250 to replace the worn out neoprene bushings. The main thing is to clean out all the neoprene from the shell. I used a die grinder and flapper wheel for the final clean up. The bushings went in easily and made a big difference in the ride and steering. They should last a lot longer than the neoprene.
5 out of 5 - Good quality product. Easy to install
Robert Fink - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
They are easy to install in the axles. After a little forcing to get the bolt hole aligned, they fit and work perfect
5 out of 5 - These bushings work great!
James Wiebe - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Very satisfied, the highest quality, perfect fit. What else needs to be said.
5 out of 5 - Completely satisfied
Brad S Maloney - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
I sold the truck a few months back and bought another one a few years newer, The bushings were doing fine at the time I sold it, I plan on buying the same ones for my current truck.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Steve Stoltz - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Excellent product & easily installed once old rubber removed from existing sleeve
5 out of 5 - excellent product & worked as advertized
John - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
These bushing have improved the way my truck handles as well as stopped all the clunking in the front end71
5 out of 5 - Very pleased
Nolan Jacob III - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Still looks and operates like it did when I installed it in my 01 F250 7.3. Id recommend this to any other F250 Super Duty truck owner with the Twin I-Beam front suspension.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Brian Cudnohufsky - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Smart construction and easy installation! Of course some work with removal old rubber from outer shell. No need for special tools!
5 out of 5 - Exellent!
Morten Berger / mobmobe-wgjpwbqj - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Easy to install\nhandling improved\nNo more clanking
5 out of 5
adam willett - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
My ride has been steady and smooth.
5 out of 5 - Great Product
TED GORANSON - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Put them in with a ball joint press, they went in nice and the handling is better. A+
5 out of 5 - FIT NICE
Gregory Goumas - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
easy install, much better than having to press new bushings.
5 out of 5 - excellent
TROY FINCH - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
I installed these bushings on my 2002 F250 SD and it has really improved the ride. Granted the truck has 600,000 miles on it so the old ones were worn out. Removing the old ones was a bit of a pain and they did not come out clean. But after I cleaned up the sleeve with a dremel the new ones went right in. I also replaced the radius arm bushing since the radius arms had to come out too.
5 out of 5 - Happy with the improved ride.
Dustin Seelye - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
These axle pivot bushings make my truck drive completely different. I had never noticed how badly the truck wandered until I changed them! The installation wasn't pleasant... the bushings on my truck had to be heated with a torch and pushed out. Once the old bushings were out, it was a breeze to put in these multi-piece bushings. Great design and definitely worth the time!
5 out of 5 - Easy slip-in design.
Dave Zoltun - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Good quality part. Tightened up the ride on my 96 f 150. Not harsh at all.
5 out of 5
Clint Custer - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
It took about 1 hour using a single jack and a few wrenches. Great buy. Great price.
5 out of 5 - Work very well and easy to install
mickey dixon - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Mine were all black. Replaced original perfectly and the price was right.
5 out of 5 - great replacement part
Richard Fraser - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
Parts were ez to install and my f350 corners like a sports car instead of a tank.
5 out of 5
buddy routon - . Energy Suspension 4.3121
I really do like the Energy Suspension products for their high quality and perfect every time fit. I purchased these bushing to replace my OE I-Beam axle pivot bushings that were almost completely destroyed and missing. The new bushings installed easily and fit perfect with a nice snug feel in the bracket. The best part is most certainly the ride quality these parts provide. They tightened up the slop that has been in the front end since the truck was new and assured me that my alignment was staying perfect through every suspension movement. That tight feeling in the steering is worth installing these bushings on even a new truck because they make such a difference. I highly recommend these or any Energy Suspension bushing for anyone who is looking for a tighter, more solid feeling movement in their suspension.
5 out of 5 - Excellent Product!
chad hendrick - . Energy Suspension 4.3121