• 8.1103 Motor Mount Inserts
  • 8.1103 Motor Mount Inserts
  • 8.1103 Motor Mount Inserts
  • 8.1103 Motor Mount Inserts

Motor Mount Inserts

Part Number: 8.1103
Manufacturer: Energy Suspension
Rating 9 Reviews


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Performance Polyurethane Motor Mount Inserts
Under High Performance Conditions, they Reduce Wheel Hop and Torque Induced Movement that can actually damage vehicle components.

Motor Mount Inserts - Scion xB - 8.1103

Performance Polyurethane Motor Mount Inserts
  • Performance Polyurethane Motor Inserts
  • Available for many popular sporty and performance front wheel drive vehicles.
  • A real must to use for sport compact competition and performance uses.
  • Reduces wheel hop and traction loss.
  • Prevents damage to other vehicle components.
  • Improves and even restores broken motor mounts.
  • Made of Energy's HYPER FLEX performance polyurethane.
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Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts both restore worn mounts and reduce unwanted motor movement. Under high performance conditions, Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts reduce wheel hop and torque induced movement that can actually damage vehicle components. These polyurethane inserts are thoroughly tested to add support and stability to the OE motor mount design.

  • Helps reduce wheel hop and traction loss.
  • Prevents damage to other vehicle components.
  • Improves and even restores broken motor mounts.
  • Made of HYPER-FLEX performance polyurethane.
  • Resistant to under vehicle fluids: oils, coolants, road contaminants.
energy suspension motor mount inserts



 energy logoEnergy Suspension warrants its products against defects in workmanship and material for 24 months when used on passenger cars and light trucks. Products that have been abused, altered, or incorrectly installed are not covered. Energy Suspension will replace defective products or component parts, if inspection for factory personnel determines the part to be defective. Warranty replacement covers only the product. Labor claims, time loss, or freight charges will not be honored.
Alternate Part Numbers for 8.1103
  • ENE-8.1103G
  • ENE-8.1103R
  • ENS-8-1103G
  • ENS-8-1103R
  • 81103G
  • 81103R

Energy Suspension 8.1103

Product Reviews for Motor Mount Inserts 8.1103

Energy Suspension 8.1103

5 out of 5 based on 9 user reviews. Write a Review

2 years later, still good, no cracking or bad noises from them, more vibrations in the dashboard from day one, but better feeling when hard accelerating, hence the motor move less, the tires can pass a little more power to the ground, and its still good 2 years after.
5 out of 5 - Review 2 Years Later
Matt - . Energy Suspension 8.1103
Fitted them on a Euro Toyota Yaris T-Sport 2004, perfectly fitted, did not have to reuse the metal core of the gearbox mount (like the other comments said, maybe because it was a 2k4 car, do not know). There are much vibrations for sure, but its still drivable. Better performance overall, you can feel the power is really putting on the ground, and when you shift, the engine does not bounce and the feeling is better. A bit disturbing at first, but almost 1week after and already 800 kilometers later, they seems to do a little bit less vibrations. \nFor someone who drives his car all week like me, maybe just the lower engine bush with the 2 others OEM will do a good job with less vibrations, and without sacrificing too much performance
5 out of 5 - Good product
Projekt-D - . Energy Suspension 8.1103
Installed these bushings in a 2001 Yaris T-Sport and they work great so far.....one of the best performance mods you can do to your yaris.\n\nOne side effect is, that engine vibrations are directly transferred on to the chassis.....but in my case, they went in a racecar.....so it´s not dramatic.\n\nLittle hint: If you use them in a 1999-2005 Yaris you must re-use the metal core from the transmission mount on the drivers side (the one from a scion xa/xb is smaller)
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Robin Obergfell - . Energy Suspension 8.1103
I installed engine mounts in my Vitz RS 2003 and they are great. My old engine supports are in bad condition (1 of them broke). After install Energy suspension engine mounts, the engine has only low vibration. They are awesome. I think they are a good option if you want to race. Its not dramatic, but its high that standard engine support. Generally better for me.
5 out of 5 - Low vibration in engine
MIGUELANGEL REVELO YUCRA - . Energy Suspension 8.1103
Added more torque to the car, but it did add more noise and vibration as well. Stopped my horrible wheel hop on take off I was experiencing.
5 out of 5 - Review 1 Year Later
Sventech - . Energy Suspension 8.1103
All the bushings fit well except one of the metal sleeves/tube that fits through the center of the bushing for the rear mount was about 3/4" too long. I had to cut it to fit. Otherwise a 5 rating. <br />
4 out of 5 - Good
Gerald Vidan - . Energy Suspension 8.1103
Not too bad to install. One of the bushings was way too long to fit in the area available, so it had to be trimmed. I didn't realize the amount of engine vibration that would be transmitted in the car. Very happy with my purchase
4 out of 5 - high quality kit
anthony brinson - . Energy Suspension 8.1103
I was having problems with aftermarket mounts just breaking after two or three months and then I came across these inserts that replace all the rubber in your existing mount for a fraction of the price that I was spending replacing the entire thing. Not to mention that they are solid and more durable and have been lasting the way a mount should... I highly recommend the product and company and look forward to doing more business with them
5 out of 5 - awesome product... must buy!!!!
George Bell - . Energy Suspension 8.1103
I have these parts installed on a 2001 Toyota Vitz RS, they are way more durable than the standard OEM rubber in terms of wear: they're not going to tear or break. These mounts would last you years if installed correctly. These mounts are solid puts a lil more power to the ground because they eliminate engine flex and gear shifts improve. Only downfall you feel a little more vibrations in the car, the engine isn't flexing (not a killer). But for speed and modifications sometimes you have to give up a little comfort
5 out of 5 - review on part # 8.1103
Kareem Rayside - . Energy Suspension 8.1103