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Below you can find more information about all of the polyurethane bushings, mounts, and other parts that Energy Suspension manufactures. Hyperflex Polyurethane bushings, mounts, and grommets have a longer than average life-span and increase the performance of your suspension, So select a part type and find the parts that will repair or upgrade your suspension.

Master Bushing Kit

Energy Suspension's Hyperflex Bushing Master Kits contain the parts needed to replace your OE (Original Equipment) rubber bushings with more durable, high performance polyurethane bushings. Read More

Control Arm Bushings

These Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings from Energy Suspension provide more consistent camber alignment for your wheels than OE rubber meaning more responsive handling and can reduce uneven tire wear. Read More

Strut Rod Bushings

Strut Rod Bushings from Energy Suspension will maintain the caster angle of the front struts much better than stock rubber bushings, preventing steering wander and providing a stable steering axis for better cornering.
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Track Bar Bushings

Energy Suspension's Track Bar Bushings more solidly connect the track bar to the frame and the axle than OE rubber, keeping the axle centered and preventing driftage and death wobble. Read More

Trailing Arm Bushings

Energy Suspension Trailing Arm Bushings replace worn original rubber bushings and keep your trailing arm secure and your wheels aligned.
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C Bushings

Energy Suspension's Polyurethane C Bushings increase the caster angle of early model live front axle Fords to increase turning response and straight line tracking, especially for lifted vehicles. Read More

Body Mounts

Energy Suspension Body Mounts use durable polyurethane bushings to replace the original rubber that stands between the body and frame, correcting body sag and reducing body roll for the life of your vehicle.
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Motor Mounts

Energy Suspension Motor Mounts are made with Hyperflex Polyurethane which is much stronger than the original rubber mounts and will keep your engine stable which decreases accelerator response time. Read More

Motor/Transmission Mounts

Transmission and Motor Mount Combos from Energy Suspension firm up the weak points in your engine's stability by replacing overly flexible rubber with torque-resisting polyurethane, providing quicker acceleration through steady drivetrain alignment. Read More

Motor Mount Inserts

Polyurethane Motor Mount Inserts from Energy Suspension can firm up voided OE rubber mounts and give your engine a more secure connection to the frame, increasing throttle response and reducing wheel hop. Read More

Shifter Bushings

Energy Suspension's Polyurethane Shifter Bushings are an aftermarket upgrade for the stock rubber bushings and will provide smoother shifts and fewer missed gears. Read More

Steering Rack Bushings

Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings from Energy Suspension hold the rack and pinion much more stable than the original rubber bushings, giving you better feedback and reducing looseness in the steering wheel.
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Leaf Spring Bushings

Energy Suspension's Leaf Spring Bushings replace the original rubber bushings with high performance polyurethane which can correct bump steer and steering wander by keeping the leaf springs and axle in alignment. Read More

Leaf Spring Pads

Energy Suspension Polyurethane Leaf Spring Pads help reduce vibration from reaching the frame and last much longer than the original rubber.
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Sway Bar Bushings

Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings will upgrade the handling performance of your vehicle by replacing the original rubber bushings with polyurethane, reducing body roll and increasing tire contact during a turn. Read More

Sway Bar End Links

End Links from Energy Suspension will replace your original soft rubber grommets with polyurethane which can reduce body roll and increase traction during a turn. Read More

Polaris UTV Bushings

Restore, or enhance, the performance of an expensive suspension component by replacing vulnerable rubber bushings with Energy Suspension Powersports Bushings. Longer lasting suspension angles and more stable wheel alignment.
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