Authorized Dealer of Energy Suspension Products is an authorized dealer of the Energy Suspension Brand. Every Energy Suspension part you buy from carries the full manufacturer's warranty. We stock only brand new parts that are purchased directly from Energy Suspension's factory in California, so you'll never have to worry about receiving a sub-standard gray market part. There's no cheap knock off parts here, only "Made in the USA" quality parts. Our warehouse carries a huge inventory of Energy Suspension products. We stock at least one of every Energy Suspension part number, in both colors! In the rare case an Energy Suspension product is not on our shelves, we will have that part shipped directly to your doorstep from the manufacturer factory. Out of stock parts at our warehouse will never be substituted with products from a different brand.

When you purchase your Energy Suspension Parts from an Authorized Dealer like, you can rest assured that you will receive exceptional support after your purchase. Our long running experience with Energy Suspension Parts ensures that we have the expertise to not only provide that support, but to correct any problem you might have with lightning fast efficiency.

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Energy suspension Stock in Warehouse is owned and operated by Diverse Suspension Technologies (DST). DST has been in the business of selling Energy Suspension brand parts since 2003 and operates a warehouse in Stephenville, TX that stocks over a half million dollars in suspension products. With a primary focus on automotive suspension parts, combined with our warehouse capacity, we have more products from our core brands in stock and ready to ship than anywhere else in the world. Diverse Suspension Technologies is considered one of the largest Authorized Dealers of the Energy Suspension and Prothane brands in the United States and internationally thanks to our dedicated customer base. While many auto parts warehouses will only stock and sell fast moving, high turnover parts - DST stocks many rare part numbers that even the manufacturer's factories no longer carry.

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