Formula 5 Prelube

The Perfect Grease for Energy Suspension Polyurethane

Energy Suspension Formula 5 Prelube is a versatile, waterproof, non-melting grease. Formula 5 Prelube made by Energy Suspension forms a tough, durable, chemical resistant bushing lube film. This bushing lube can be used for any polyurethane or rubber bushings, or even metal components . Using it as a bushing lube when installing your new parts prevents metal-to-metal contact even under severe shock loads. Only a small amount of Formula 5 Prelube is required to properly lubricate bushings and metal components. The same amount of bushing lube can also prevent corrosion and squeaking.

Images Size Part Number
Formula 5 Prelube Tubes 3 - 5ml Bushing Lube Tubes 9.11110
Bushing Lube Large 8 oz Bushing Lube Tub 9.11104
9.11111 Prelube 100 Pack of 5ml Tubes 9.11111
Gallon 1 Gallon Bucket 9.11115