Energy Suspension Hyperglide Creeper Wheels

Size of Wheels Number of Wheels in Set Part Number
2" / 50mm Diameter 4 9.9169
2" / 50mm Diameter 6 9.9170
2.375" Diameter 4 9.9171
2.375" Diameter 6 9.9172
energy suspension creeper wheels

Durable Replacement Creeper Wheels

Made of superior formulation Hyperflex polyurethane and high precision bearings. Experience little or no rolling resistance! The unique polyurethane material and design allows smooth, unimpeded rolling for indoor/outdoor ease of movement over cracks, washers, misc. debris, etc.

  • Fits Most Standard Caster Assemblies.
  • Available in red or black.
  • Rides on precision ABEC high quality bearings.
  • Installs in a few minutes with two 5/32" hex wrenches (not included).
  • All hardware is included.

Excellent To Use For:

  • Automotive-Type Mechanic Creepers
  • Small Tool Chests and Trays
  • Many Kinds Of Seats With Caster Wheels
  • Various Types of Table and Rack Carriers

If you need improved mobility Hyperglide creeper wheels are a great option.