Energy Suspension Shock Reservoir Isolators

energy suspension shock reservoir isolators

These polyurethane isolators from Energy Suspension will provide a cushion between your shock reservoirs while keeping them firmly in place to avoid damage.

In extreme off-road applications you need to be sure your components stay out of harms way, even when that's what your rock crawler is begging for. Hyperflex Polyurethane holds it's shape through extreme conditions but is also pliable enough to provide a cushion and not damage your shock reservoirs. Built-in hose clamp grooves molded into the sides of these isolators help to further secure the reservoirs. Find the dimensions you need below and don't worry about those reservoirs anymore.

Choose the Size for Your Application:

Images Part Number "A" Dimensions "B" Dimensions
shock isolator 99160 9.9160 2.5" 2.5"
shock isolator 99161 9.9161 2.0" 2.0"
shock isolator 99162 9.9162 2.5" 1.5"
shock isolator 99163 9.9163 3.0" 1.5"
shock isolator 99164 9.9164 2.0" 1.5"
shock reservoir isolator